Big in Japan.

Realsafe Technologies’ emergency alerting service has been extended to protect those driving in Japan.

The service rolled out this month to support its aftermarket in-vehicle accessory partner, which is designed to alert the emergency services following a serious car crash.

Working closely with the Mobility Team from Bosch Service Solutions Corporation in Tokyo, technology integration and software testing took several weeks to implement and now offers a vital safety benefit to customers using the in-vehicle accessory across Japan.

In a crash, the chances of survival increase the faster emergency responders can reach you. This new service provides Japanese emergency responders with details of a vehicle’s location, direction of travel, and other contextual data – all within seconds of a crash.

Sugaya-san Masamune, Technical and Commercial Responsibility at Bosch Service Solutions in Tokyo said: “This is a valuable addition to our service capability and has the potential to save many lives. At the same time, we are happy to contribute to society with this service.”

Andrew Richardson, Realsafe Technologies’ Co-Founder said: “We are delighted to see our technology services roll out across Japan. This adds a major new territory to our emergency alerting infrastructure, which currently protects motorists and motorcyclists across North America, the UK, ROI, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

With more and more brands licensing our technology, RST’s capabilities in the emergency services sector continues to expand.”