Realsafe Technologies flies to America to showcase innovative use of satellite data


Realsafe Technologies is proud to have been selected as one of the Innovate UK delegates for Space Mission 3.

Space Mission 3, which takes place from 5-11 November 2016 has chosen 10 new and innovative businesses, working within the space sector, and with high-growth potential to travel to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Privileged to be one of the few asked to attend, Realsafe Technologies is scheduled to take part in a series of visits to leading-edge companies and technology hubs, networking events and meetings with specialist international trade advisors with briefings on all aspects of doing business overseas.

The mission builds on our US credentials, winning a US Edison award in the health and wellbeing category in April and only last month attending and presenting at the 9-1-1 (NENA) national conference in Ohio.

Attending Space Mission 3 in California, CCO Andrew Richardson said “Attending Space Mission 3 is a great way to showcase our innovative use of satellite data in safety-based technology connected to the Emergency Services. It enables us to meet and develop relationships with some of the world’s most respected authorities in the space sector and network with the innovators of today.”